Andrew McCauley is the Social Media Bloke. His goal is to remove the complexity of learning social media platforms in order to produce valuable content, engage users and market a memorable brand.

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  • The Power of WordPress

    The Power of WordPress

    There are so many blogs in the world that are powered by WordPress. At our Digital Media Agency, AutoPilot Your Business, we do everything on WordPress. One of the great things about The Power of WordPress is its ability to let the user from a basic background experience...

  • [Social 3] Gmail, iPhone turns 7 and the Jelly App

    [Social 3] Gmail, iPhone turns 7 and the Jelly App

    In this weeks Social 3, we talk about the new ability of Gmal to email your Google+ circles and connections, we celebrate the iPhone’s 7th birthday and discuss the new Jelly App. In this weeks Social 3 Video… 0:17 Gmail changes 0:35 Email people without having their...


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