Flipagram is here

By Andrew McCauley | January 8, 2014

We are all taking a bunch more photos these days thanks to the smart phone with amazing lens qualities. The problem now come ..when do we have time to look at these photos…  go to your mobile phone right now and scroll to the top of yout camera roll and I bet there are photos…

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Vine is now on the Web

By Andrew McCauley | January 8, 2014

Twitters’ video offering, Vine, was recently made available on the web desktop for all to see. You can now see your favorite vine video’s directly from your desktop.

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Merry Christmas! Social Media Messages Gone Viral

By Andrew McCauley | December 21, 2013

It’s that time of year again and if you’re not sending out the traditional Christmas card or letter, social media messages are an increasingly popular medium for getting the message out. In this post, we check out some of the best viral messages from this year and one or two tools that can help you…

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Give Your LinkedIn Profile a New Year's Makeover

By Andrew McCauley | December 9, 2013

LinkedIn is one of my personal favorites of the social media platforms and it continues to be an essential place to create a profile if you want to stay connected within your industry and network professionally. There are currently over 225 million users making it the largest professional network in the world. But if your…

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Mobile Marketing: Check Out These Facts!

By Andrew McCauley | November 19, 2013

Has your business done anything with mobile marketing yet? Made sure your website is responsive? Used QR codes or text campaigns? If you’re yet to be convinced that you should be paying attention to mobile marketing, check out these 50 facts compiled by Jamie Turner and Jeanne Hopkins… 50 Amazing Facts About Mobile from Jamie…

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Oh Snap! Snapchat For Marketers?

By Andrew McCauley | November 5, 2013

Snapchat is the social app that has been around since 2011 and has been growing in popularity, particularly with younger users. For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, Snapchat allows users to share moments or ‘snaps’ with their friends. Photos and messages auto-destruct after between one and ten seconds, depending on how the user has…

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Video Content Marketing: How Ricky Riot Became an Instant YouTube Hit and Drove Customers to Stores

By Andrew McCauley | October 31, 2013

This is a guest post by Damian Blumenkranc. Director, entrepreneur, converted nerd. In short: Loves to help companies come up with creative and innovative solutions by producing exceptional web videos that rock! (He means that in a musical sense and not a slowly tilting back and forth kind of way). Always on the cutting edge of online marketing…

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Google Shared Endorsements: How To Opt Out

By Andrew McCauley | October 28, 2013

As of November 11 this year, Google Shared Endorsements are to go ahead as Google recently announced a change to its Terms of Service. Basically Shared Endorsements will mean that your profile name and photo could be displayed next to advertisements and reviews. This will be visible to your connections and could be as a…

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Google Plus For Business: Getting The Best Of It

By Andrew McCauley | October 23, 2013

Are you on Google Plus yet? Google Plus for business is a powerful tool for business success, tying together social media and search engine optimization. With Google being the No.1 search engine in use, having a Google Plus page set up for your business gives you that extra tie in for search results as Google…

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To Pop-Up Or Not To Pop-Up?

By Andrew McCauley | October 20, 2013

Love them or hate them, pop-ups are still a commonly used tool for gathering new opt-ins on many websites. But how effective are they? Should we all be using them or are they ‘old’ technology now? The pop-up is somewhat controversial in that you will get a different answer depending on which online marketing expert…

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Andrew McCauley is teaching students at the Frontier International Convention. The students are loving his incredible relaxed oriented style. Our Frontier operational team are in here as well so we can apply it all ourselves. he Rocks!!

-Clinton Swaine , Frontier Training


Thanks for the awesome 2 day Social media Course, an amazing wealth of information & you made it easy & understand it all 

-Anna Mullan

If you are interested in making it to the top of the net and growing your business. If your looking for that missing link and wondering how to get there, check this man out! Andrew McCauley showed me how to put my business on top of the listings.I am excited. jump on and book in with Andrew, you will be amazed at how easy he can direct you to and assist you to navigate the internet. Andrew McCauley, he has the answers to your success. FACT!

-Ngaire Keighron

“Before I went to Andrew’s course, I was terrified! I got so stressed out with social media; with Facebook and twitting and LinkedIn and websites and it was my total stress in my life and my Achilles heel. So I had the day with Andrew and it was phenomenal! I’ve learnt to build my own blog, my website, I found how to host it and even better I learned how to tweet, I learned about LinkedIn, and I could do them all in one hit!  

-Mandy Napier

Andrew McCauley changed my life for the better.  I’ve been in the seminar industry for many many years and I’ve attended a lot of seminars out there of people professing you can go into their course and you can have this workshop where everything gets taken care of and you leave there with your whole thing set up online …and I have to tell you a lot of the people out there don’t fulfill on their promises. Andrew McCauley on the other hand is one of those people that definitely does.

-Benjamin Harvey, Authentic Education

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