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Archive for April 2010

Damaging Your Personal Branding

Our personal branding is the image that is created with our online personas. It can be created by ourselves or by someone else. Our personal brand is determined by the social networks that we join and how we update the statuses on those networks

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The Secret to YouTube Popularity

One way to save your self some time and money is to not buy any of those eBooks about how to make your YouTube videos popular. There is one common secret to every successful vlogger. Post and post often. If you only post a video once in a blue moon, you won’t get a following. It’s a simple concept. There are arguments out there that infer that just because you post daily doesn’t mean you will get loads of hits, but it should be viewed as a “best practice” in this blogging and vblogging age.

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Creating a Social Media Strategy for your business

Are you creating a Social Media Strategy for your Business? In today’s world, that answer should be a resounding YES; but just having a strategy isn’t enough. You need a plan as to how to put it into affect and reap the benefits of that plan. What’s the process? How do you go about doing that? What should you do first? First you need to figure out your message and how to get that across to the masses out there hungry for your products, services, or thoughts. In this article we will discuss 5 ways to successfully create a social media marketing frenzy.

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Using Twitter for your PR-10 Tips

With all the buzz going on about Twitter, how do you know how to use this resource effectively? Using Twitter for your PR is a must. Afterall, Twitter just announced that it now has 105 million users and growing rapidly! It seems everywhere you look, someone has a tip on how to use this ever expanding network.

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