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Archive for November 2010

Facebook’s “Project Titan” – Gmail killer?

Facebook continues their dominance in the social networking world by adding email to its arsenal and Gmail is squarely in its sights. The new messaging service was announced at an event held at Facebook corporate headquarters in California yesterday. The service is competing head on with Gmail and is supposedly secretly referred to as the “Gmail killer.”

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Unfriending on Facebook – Why Does it Happen?

The phenomenon of social media has opened up a world of possibilities for people. They are being exposed to more and more cultural differences than ever before. The ability to friend almost everybody in the world creates a heady feeling of popularity; however this opportunity does have its downside, the dreaded “unfriend.” Why does unfriending happen? What can get you unfriended? The popular opinion is that you are most likely to be unfriended for continuously posting mundane or inflammatory status updates.

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Social Media Marketing Optimization

The best way to optimize your social media marketing is to go back to the basics i.e. “Marketing 101.” Marketing 101 teaches the AIDA system. AIDA stands for Awareness/Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. This is the simplest form of marketing funnels there is and each level represents a small part of the overall marketing picture. Understanding this marketing format will help align your sales goals.

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Google and Local Search Results

In the past, one of the main issues that came up when doing a general search on Google is that you would get a lot of irrelevant information. Now Google has come up with a way to emphasize local search results with Place Search. The new search detects that you are looking for local information…

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