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Archive for July 2011

The Best Ways to Improve Your Rankings

Google constantly strives to provide the most relevant, high–quality search results. However, the rules on how to get your website high up in these results are always changing. With these constantly changing rules, how do you keep the results ranking that you have worked so hard to get? You’ve been told over and over again…

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Freebies = Followers

How do you build a following? Have you thought of giving something away? Freebies are often the way to a consumer’s heart. Consider the following ideas: Use social media to inspire competition Encourage prospective consumers to vote on something via social media to create more awareness of your brand. Create ways for consumers to “like”…

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Turn Facebook into an eCommerce Site

A local shopping engine named Wishpond announced July 5th, that they have launched their latest startup, a Facebook commerce plug in. Currently, Wishpond collects product listings for close to 2,000 retailers in their local search engine. This allows consumers to search for stores near them that carry the products they are looking for. The new…

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