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Archive for September 2011

Facebook Page Optimization

We all know the major ways to optimize our Facebook pages, but what about those lesser known ways? There are several other ways to make Facebook work for you. Here are a few easy ways to help optimize your Page experience. One way is to utilize the rolling feedback option. Facebook allows you to see…

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How to Deal With Negative Facebook Comments

Let’s face it, nobody’s perfect and that goes for companies as well. There are bound to be times when you get an upset customer who posts a negative comment on your Facebook page. What and how are you going to deal with it and turn it around to a positive? Here are a few ways that you can help negotiate the turbulent waters.

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Why Isn’t Your Content Being Shared

While Facebook is a great way to get your “voice” out there, have you ever wondered if all the content you’re putting out is even getting read? If not, what are some of the reasons why your content is not being shared? Potential customers must be exposed to your product and service and they must…

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