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Archive for October 2011

Using Secret Groups on Facebook

Secret groups? On Facebook? Whoa… hang on there, what are those? The secret group is one of the most under-used features of Facebook. We all know that we can create groups, but those are generally public and everyone can see them if they use the correct search parameters. Secret groups were created for people to…

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Should You “Fan-Gate” on Facebook?

First and foremost, what is Fan-gating? Fan-gating is also referred to as Like-gating. This is the act of only showing content to those people who like your page. This is accomplished by creating two versions of a tab, one for users who like your page and one for those who do not. People are encouraged…

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The New Facebook

By this time we have all had our own experience with the most recent Facebook changes. A lot of Facebookers are not at all happy about the changes. People become accustomed to a specific way of doing things and are usually slow to accept change; as humans, we are made to adapt to change and…

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