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Archive for December 2012

How to read a Kindle book on a Mac or PC

Reading a kindle book does not have to be for kindle readers only. Amazon has opened up its kindle libraries to all sorts of devices including Ipad and Iphones, Blackberries , windows phones and tablets and even Androids too. The great thing is that it wont cost you a cent for the device to get your self reading kindle books. This post will show you How to read a Kindle book on a Mac or PC amonst other devices.

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Dropbox Links

If you have been using dropbox for a while, you will know that the limitations have been that you can only share files with other dropbox users. This has been a little painful. But NOW, there is a new feature that Dropbox has introduces and its called dropbox Links

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Social Platforms are only Tools

Whether you are using Facebook, Twitter or any of the myriad of Social Media Platforms, you need to make sure that you have protected yourself from losing all of your hard work. The social platforms are only tools and should be considered as such.. nothing more. Do not build your business on these platforms alone

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