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Archive for July 2013

Evolution of the Internet

I fell in love with the inetrnet as a marketing tool and havent looked back since. I have found that the evolution of the internet to be a fast past and fascinating event that we can enjoy as we go. Nothing in the history of the world has changed our lives continuously, and so radically, as the internet.

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Using Facebook Hashtags

Facebook have just introduced hashtags, albeit a few years after their counterpart social platforms. We explore how you can use these hashtags for your business and if you ever run events, then these hashtags can really boost your attendance and customer satisfaction

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How to create a Restricted List

There are many reason why you need to create a restricted list. It could be to hide form bosses , family members or even those creepy type of people… here is a quick post and video on how to create a list

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Googles +1 Sharing Button

Googles +1 sharing button, has been around for a while now. It’s been a great way to send social signals to your followers. Google helps determine what content people like to know about. This also helps search experiences become personalized. You have always been able to share information using the +1 button, and generally you…

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Dropbox upgrades its features

Dropbox is one of those tools that I cant live without. I use it every single day , not only for myself but also for my team. We share a massive amount of information with each other on a daily basis and I get excited when Dropbox upgrades its features. In case you do not…

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