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Archive for October 2013

Video Content Marketing: How Ricky Riot Became an Instant YouTube Hit and Drove Customers to Stores

This is a guest post by Damian Blumenkranc. Director, entrepreneur, converted nerd. In short: Loves to help companies come up with creative and innovative solutions by producing exceptional web videos that rock! (He means that in a musical sense and not a slowly tilting back and forth kind of way). Always on the cutting edge of online marketing…

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Google Shared Endorsements: How To Opt Out

As of November 11 this year, Google Shared Endorsements are to go ahead as Google recently announced a change to its Terms of Service. Basically Shared Endorsements will mean that your profile name and photo could be displayed next to advertisements and reviews. This will be visible to your connections and could be as a…

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Google Plus For Business: Getting The Best Of It

Are you on Google Plus yet? Google Plus for business is a powerful tool for business success, tying together social media and search engine optimization. With Google being the No.1 search engine in use, having a Google Plus page set up for your business gives you that extra tie in for search results as Google…

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To Pop-Up Or Not To Pop-Up?

Love them or hate them, pop-ups are still a commonly used tool for gathering new opt-ins on many websites. But how effective are they? Should we all be using them or are they ‘old’ technology now? The pop-up is somewhat controversial in that you will get a different answer depending on which online marketing expert…

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IFTTT Now IOS Mobile App

Have you checked out IFTTT (If This Then That) yet? This is a great tool which basically allows you to create ‘recipes’ to make something happen based on a trigger occurring in any of the channels you have set up. For example, you may have Instagram set up as one of the channels and a…

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Social Media & SMS Customer Messaging

SMS marketing is a highly effective way for a business to instantly communicate with its’ customer base. A well thought out SMS messaging campaign is not limited to just marketing functions; it can be used in every function of your business.  Renewals, retention, accounts, operations and HR can all benefit from SMS platforms with Email…

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