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Archive for April 2016

What is the Amazon Dash Button?

In April last year, 2015, Amazon released the first of their Dash buttons. These little buttons are about to change the way we do our home shopping and, for that matter, a lot of conveniences. What is the Amazon Dash Button? Essentially a Dash button is a physical little button that sticks on to your…

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New Facebook Live Features

The live streaming war just got a lot more exciting. Recently, Facebook announced that they are really ramping up their Facebook Live to combat Twitter’s Periscope and some of the other live streaming platforms that are on the market. Facebook is rolling out New Facebook Live Features to users across the board and people are…

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How to use facebook live stream in Groups

Facebook has finally released live streaming to all of its users and there are some amazing features that any marketer can use. I want to share how to use facebook live stream in Groups. When this came out, it was a little hard to find exactly how to initially stream yourself live into a specific group, so we…

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What is Google AMP and how do you use it?

Over the last two years, smart phones and tablets have really changed the way people are consuming content online. It’s not enough now just to be relying on desktops and web pages for publishers to be delivering their content. Google have decided that they needed to change the way that people consume this content. They…

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