4 Ways Your Business Should Use Twitter #hashtags

4 Ways Your Business Should Use Twitter #hashtags

If you’re using twitter for your business then you should really look at using hash tags as part of your social media strategy. In this post I am covering 4 Ways Your Business Should Use Twitter #hashtags, and by the end , you should really get to understand how to maximise this power Twitter feature.

If you are unsure what the twitter hash tag is then let me run over this with you. A  Hashtag , #, is designated by placing a # in front of a word that is relevant to a phrase that you want to identify. For instance you may be talking about weight loss or you may be talking about a specific brand name or maybe it’s talking about a specific TV show. The # becomes a meme for people to follow. Sports teams and Television shows do this very effectively. Lets say that you are a fan of the TV series LOST. In this case you would put a #in front of the word lost so it would be #lost in your tweet. The great thing that happens here is that if people were searching for the meme ‘ #lost’ and you had previously tweeted with that Hashtag, then your tweets would come up in the resultant search.

The # hashtag concept is a great one for letting me find research information rapidly. Let’s look at 4 Ways Your Business Should Use Twitter #hashtags so you can utilize this hash tag.

1. Look for conversations around specific business.
One of the great things that you can use hash tags for is learning from others. By doing a quick search on a topic of relevance with a # before the keyword you can find all sorts of information about the topic you’re looking for. The thing you want to be careful about is having a broad category which will result in lots and lots of tweets coming back at you rapidly, so the more specific you can be, the more likely it is that you have narrowed down your search.

For instance, if you were to use the hash tag #weightloss, then you would get a very large amount of data in the search results and this may not be very beneficial to you, so you want to narrow down your search results. You may want to use something like #womenweightloss and that will give you a narrower search result. It will also let you keep track of who’s talking about this particular product and service.

2. Simple and consistent
Make sure that you keep your hash tags very simple and consistent. You do not want to use large elongated hash tags which are very hard for people to remember. So for instance if you want to hash tag your latest blog post about weight loss and you want to use a long elongated hash tags such as #weightlossforwomenwhoarepregnant, then you may want to break it down into a number of smaller hash tags. For instance, you may want to use something like #weightloss, #womenweightloss, #weightlosspregnancy. Overly complicated hash tags are not very search friendly nor are commonly used and they will disappear from people’s minds quickly.

The other part to this equation, is to make sure that you do not have too many hash tags in your tweet. People may not read it and they will skip over it and you may miss important eyeballs looking at your tweet. Also, tags will take up space in your tweet and if you have too many hash tags you’ll only find that the message becomes confusing and hard to read.

3. Creating your own hash tag
It can be a great idea to create your own hash tag. Hashtags are a great way to generate buzz around your marketing campaign and your product or service. The hash tag you create does not have to necessarily be your brand name, it may be just a common term for instance in the weight loss scenario that we talked about above, it may be something like #scaledown, which could indicate a challenge or a competition that you may be running for people to lose weight by looking at their scales and hoping that the scales go down.

Another great opportunity for creating hash tags are events. Give your event a unique hash tag and then let people tweet about that particular hash tag so it draws attention and creates a buzz around your event. What this hash tag does is let people follow the event whether they are there at the event physically or not.

One of the other ways to use hash tags is in a twitter chat. My friend and business partner, Heather Porter, uses twitter Chat regularly. Essentially what they do here is invite industry experts to answer tweeted questions from various followers. People can follow the answers and the Tweet chat just by using the #or the hash tag that’s relevant to the Tweet chat, it’s a very effective way to get engagement on your twitter stream.

4 Ways Your Business Should Use Twitter #hashtags

4. Organize your social dashboards
One of the easiest ways to stay on top of all of the noise coming from twitter is to organize your hash tags. Now you may have a number of different platforms that you use to manage your twitter accounts. For instance, you could be using HootSuite, you may use TweetDeck or some other 3rd party application. All of these platforms lets you organize information coming from twitter either by keywords or by hash tags #. As you can see below I have a screenshot of my HootSuite account where I’m tracing a number of different hashtags. So you should consider adding these to your third-party applications so you can really keep up with the conversation that’s happening in your industry.

So overall, Hashtags can be a very effective way to not only build your level of engagement and communication for your followers, but a great way to keep on top of what is happening in your industry. Dont let these little techy things stand in your way of being t the forefront of your industry.

I would love to hear how you are using hashtags for your business.

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