What is the Amazon Dash Button?

In April last year, 2015, Amazon released the first of their Dash buttons. These little buttons are about to change the way we do our home shopping and, for that matter, a lot of conveniences.

What is the Amazon Dash Button?

Essentially a Dash button is a physical little button that sticks on to your wall or the fridge and every time you need to re-order a specific item you push the little button and this button will actually order it, one click for you from Amazon.

What is the Amazon dash button?

So for instance if you have a milk button and you push on the button, you will order milk from Amazon automatically. If you have a specific pizza button that you like, a pizza company, Domino’s pizza, you can push the button and order a pizza.

This year, April 2016, Amazon have now got over 100 different Dash buttons, including a Dash button for condoms. Yes — you heard it right — a Dash button for condoms. So, they have Dash buttons now for everything from Doritos to vitamin water to all sorts of things that you’re going to need at the push of a button.

These Dash buttons are available for Amazon Prime members for free so you’ll need a subscription service. But what it does is it actually expedites shipping and other perks as well. These little buttons are gaining in popularity, and are growing fast.

Of course the internet world is all about hacking and there has been a number of different hacks that you can do to these Dash buttons. Some of them are quite clever and some are interesting to say the least. But they’ve been popping up everywhere. The cool thing is you don’t need to know a lot of coding to hack one of these little buttons, but you can get a lot of this code from the internet for about $5 anyway. Realistically these buttons and what they can do, are becoming a very popular hacking item.

Here are some hacks that have been happening in the world of Amazon Dash buttons. Call Uber. Let’s say you’re running late for work, you can quickly push the button on your fridge or on your wall and — bang — an Uber car is called for you without you even having to get on your phone.

Check out this article on how to hack an Amazon Dash Button

Call uber with amazon Dash Button

You can order pizza, as I said, Domino’s actually has a pizza ordering API, which is the bit of program piece at the back, that lets you set up a one-touch ordering with a hacked Amazon Dash button. That is pretty cool. Of course, the next step would be ordering beer. Why not? There is an application that shows you how to hack your Dash button so that you can order alcohol from a delivery start up called Drizly. Very, very interesting.

There’s all sorts of things you can hack . . . You can hack it so that you can add things to your own grocery list. You can track your work hours or log your time that you’ve spent studying — all sorts of cool things. I’ll give you a list of other things below but there are some really interesting and nifty things that are happening right now in the world of technology. Here are some of them:

  • Track baby data
  • Log your habits into a Google Spreadsheet
  • Track music practice
  • Control any power outlet in your home
  • Control Philips Hue lights
  • Netflix and chill
  • Control your Tesla’s Air Conditioning
  • Toggle your Nest Thermostat to “Home”
  • Brew coffee
  • Control your garage door
  • Setup an Android or iOS notification

Do you have a Dash button? I’d love to know if you do and how do you use it for your business or for your life?

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