Facebook connects store visits to online ads

By Andrew McCauley | July 28, 2016

Facebook connects store visits to online ads Finally, the online world is about to meet the offline world, as facebook connects store visits to online ads. Last year, Facebook began giving marketers a lot more information about the people that were physically close to their stores. People that own or manage a physical store will actually see a lot more…

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Using Perks on Foursquare’s Swarm app

By Andrew McCauley | June 28, 2016
Using perks on Foursquares swarm app

Using Perks on Foursquare’s Swarm app Do you use Foursquare or Foursquare’s spin-off called Swarm? If you do, you would have noticed in the last few months that they have actually brought back a feature that Foursquare used to have before the big split. This feature is called Perks. Perks offer users discounts and other deals…

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How to use facebook messenger bots

By Andrew McCauley | May 26, 2016
Facebook-mesenger-bots Andrew MCauley

  How to use facebook messenger bots Just recently, Facebook released a series of new applications throughout the entire platform. One of those interesting things were “bots.” What is a Facebook messenger bot? Usually a bot is one of those little spiders or an indexing function of Google that sends out these little technological spiders, if…

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5 reasons why your business needs a Podcast

By Andrew McCauley | May 4, 2016

Have you ever listened to a Podcast? Chances are, that you have come across podcasts on your travels. Did you know that the number of Podcasts listened to in the past five years has tripled from 25 million to 75 million? And Last year, the number of iTunes downloads surpassed 1 Billion for the first…

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What is the Amazon Dash Button?

By Andrew McCauley | April 26, 2016

In April last year, 2015, Amazon released the first of their Dash buttons. These little buttons are about to change the way we do our home shopping and, for that matter, a lot of conveniences. What is the Amazon Dash Button? Essentially a Dash button is a physical little button that sticks on to your…

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New Facebook Live Features

By Andrew McCauley | April 21, 2016

The live streaming war just got a lot more exciting. Recently, Facebook announced that they are really ramping up their Facebook Live to combat Twitter’s Periscope and some of the other live streaming platforms that are on the market. Facebook is rolling out New Facebook Live Features to users across the board and people are…

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How to use facebook live stream in Groups

By Andrew McCauley | April 18, 2016

Facebook has finally released live streaming to all of its users and there are some amazing features that any marketer can use. I want to share how to use facebook live stream in Groups. When this came out, it was a little hard to find exactly how to initially stream yourself live into a specific group, so we…

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What is Google AMP and how do you use it?

By Andrew McCauley | April 6, 2016

Over the last two years, smart phones and tablets have really changed the way people are consuming content online. It’s not enough now just to be relying on desktops and web pages for publishers to be delivering their content. Google have decided that they needed to change the way that people consume this content. They…

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Why you should be using Videos on your website to increase blog traffic

By Andrew McCauley | June 8, 2015

Do you know why you should be using Videos on your website to increase blog traffic.? There are a host of reasons why you should be really considering adding video to your site…here are a few for you below Using Video to Increase Blog Traffic It has never been easier to share videos with others than…

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[Social 3] Gmail, iPhone turns 7 and the Jelly App

By Andrew McCauley | January 22, 2014

In this weeks Social 3, we talk about the new ability of Gmal to email your Google+ circles and connections, we celebrate the iPhone’s 7th birthday and discuss the new Jelly App. In this weeks Social 3 Video… 0:17 Gmail changes 0:35 Email people without having their email address 1:18 More invites coming from G+?…

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Clinton Swaine -the Social media bloke

Andrew McCauley is teaching students at the Frontier International Convention. The students are loving his incredible relaxed oriented style. Our Frontier operational team are in here as well so we can apply it all ourselves. he Rocks!!

-Clinton Swaine , Frontier Training

anna-mullan-the Social media bloke

Thanks for the awesome 2 day Social media Course, an amazing wealth of information & you made it easy & understand it all

-Anna Mullan

If you are interested in making it to the top of the net and growing your business. If your looking for that missing link and wondering how to get there, check this man out! Andrew McCauley showed me how to put my business on top of the listings.I am excited. jump on and book in with Andrew, you will be amazed at how easy he can direct you to and assist you to navigate the internet. Andrew McCauley, he has the answers to your success. FACT!

-Ngaire Keighron

Mandy-Napier - Andrew McCauley - The Social media bloke

“Before I went to Andrew’s course, I was terrified! I got so stressed out with social media; with Facebook and twitting and LinkedIn and websites and it was my total stress in my life and my Achilles heel. So I had the day with Andrew and it was phenomenal! I’ve learnt to build my own blog, my website, I found how to host it and even better I learned how to tweet, I learned about LinkedIn, and I could do them all in one hit!  

-Mandy Napier

benjamin_harvey - The Social media bloke

Andrew McCauley changed my life for the better.  I’ve been in the seminar industry for many many years and I’ve attended a lot of seminars out there of people professing you can go into their course and you can have this workshop where everything gets taken care of and you leave there with your whole thing set up online …and I have to tell you a lot of the people out there don’t fulfill on their promises. Andrew McCauley on the other hand is one of those people that definitely does.

-Benjamin Harvey, Authentic Education

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