Creating a Social Media Strategy for your business

Are you creating a Social Media Strategy for your Business? In today’s world, that answer should be a  resounding YES; but just having a strategy isn’t enough. You need a plan as to how to put it into affect and reap the benefits of that plan. What’s the process? How do you go about doing that? What should you do first? First you need to figure out your message and how to get that across to the masses out there hungry for your products, services, or thoughts. In this article we will discuss 5 ways to successfully create a social media marketing frenzy.

1. Stop, think, and Listen – The human race is a population of people watchers. We learn from watching other people. We learn from doing for ourselves, but it doesn’t hurt to ask questions both online and offline. Stop and think about what you want to ask or say though.  Be open to new ideas, because no idea is a bad idea unless in contradicts what you are trying to accomplish. But even those that contradict are opportunities for gained knowledge. Keep in mind to always be respectful of others ideas and thoughts.
2. What do you want to accomplish – First figure out why you want to utilize social media as a marketing plan. Second, understand that once implemented, there must be a planned for updating the content or your site will grow stale. Nothing spells epic fail like failure to have fresh new content on your site. Lastly, determine if you are going to measure response to the social marketing campaign. Some of the most popular reasons for creating a social media strategy is to humanize your company, increase awareness, be more responsive, and incorporating public opinion.
3. Technological functionality – Social media does not need a technology guru to work or run it. Most laymen are adept at using the social media network. Keep in mind that in order to market in social media, these networks cannot be hidden behind firewalls and that opening your company to the social media also allows access to these forums by your employees. Compromises can be made by implementing a “social media” break.
4. What do your employees want – Employee interest is a big consideration. Be aware of the level of understanding and determine if additional training is needed. A good idea is to have approved messages for your employees to utilize. Use key word rich content that allows the replier to respond to a specific post. A clear understanding of when and how to participate in social media is needed.  Develop job aides to help your employees in this endeavor.

5. Where is your corporate cheerleader – All this talk about how to create social media strategy is great, but who will own this? Instead of allowing everyone and anyone access to your site, determine who will be responsible for updating and posting for your company. Who will be your cheerleader? Large companies may devote a whole department to this while smaller companies may just let it go to their sales department. Some may even employ a third party company, such as an advertising company, to facilitate this. Each option has its pros and cons, research each thoroughly before committing to any one plan.

The future is here. Where once cafés, bars, restaurants, etc., were the main hubs of communication, social media is fast taking their place.  As the public becomes more technically advance, companies are adjusting their strategies to meet the rapidly progressing public. More and more companies are turning to social media for their advertising and marketing needs. Complete planning, execution and integration are key to creating a successful social media strategy.

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