Facebook 20% Rule for Ads

Facebook have got some pretty stringent rules when it comes to advertising. One of the rules is the famous ‘ Facebook 20% Rule for Ads’.

They put this rule in place to stop smart marketers filling up images with advertising text disguised as organic content. Marketers will always work a way around the system. This rule, however , was always a little confusing for people.

It said that, for news feed posts that you wanted to promote through their ad platform, the image could not contain more than 20% text.  Remember, this is for only those posts you want to promote via the ad network… not  for standard images that you upload as a regular news feed piece.

Now it has always been a little challenging to work out how to calculate the 20%.

Now, Facebook recently said that they have a new way to work it out and its a lot smarter about doing it.

A Facebook spokesperson explained the changes to Inside Facebook:

We made some recent changes to the accuracy of measuring of our 20% text policy. We’ve improved the way in which we detect text to more accurately measure 20% of text in ads. To be clear, the policy has not changed, and still remains at 20%, but the way we measure it has (to be more accurate).

The external grid tool will continue to be a resource and we recommend marking 5 boxes on the grid in order to determine whether your creative is likely to be deemed acceptable. Please note that if there is superfluous text in any images, we still reserve the final decision on the quality of the ad and all images with more than 20% text are still in violation.

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One of the tools that is very handy for marketers is the facebook Grid tool… You can find it here

It lets you upload an image and it applies an overlay to let you know whether you are in the 20% or not.

facebook 20% rule for ads

There are a few exceptions to the rule and according to facebooks’ website, they are:

Allowed in the 20% text policy:

  • Pictures of products that include text on the actual product
  • Photos of products in real situations or photos of products with a background

Not allowed in the 20% text policy:

  • Images that are zoomed in on logos/images with text overlay
  • Images that are clearly edited to include text on the product as a loophole to policy

So, if you are thinking about using some images in your next run of paid ads on facebook, then you may want to visit the Grid tool first

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