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Facebook Comments Reply

On this week’s Social 3 we have got LinkedIn search, we have got Google Trends and YouTube Trends and also the new Facebook comments reply.


Hi, I am Andrew McCauley, welcome to this week’s Social 3.

In this Episode:

00:18: LinkedIn Search Gets an Upgrade

02:30: Youtube Integrated Trends in Google

04:05: Facebook Comments Reply


<<00:18>>:  First up, LinkedIn search has changed.  Now, if you are using LinkedIn and you have been on it in the last few weeks, you would have noticed that the search tool and search function has changed dramatically.  In the past when you wanted to search for somebody you would have to indicate that you are searching for people.  If you wanted to search for groups, you do a dropdown and you search for groups.  Now, it’s all been integrated into one and what that means for you is that you are going to get better results.

So, for instance, if you are looking for a Product Manager, you can get a whole bunch of results in the one box.  Now, there are four new types of features that are available in the LinkedIn search.  The first one is ‘Auto Complete’.  So, what that does is it auto-completes what you are typing in; it already knows that you are typing in certain aspects and it auto-completes the search for you.  Now, you don’t have to use it if you don’t want it but it just helps you speed things along and also suggest maybe some stuff that you are looking for.

new linkedin search featuresThe second one is ‘Suggested Searches’.  So, what LinkedIn is going to do is it’s going to suggest results based on what you are typing in as well.  It’s a little bit different than ‘Auto-Complete’ but it’s going to suggest things that you may be looking for because you may not be aware that there are other aspects in LinkedIn that you are searching for; it’s going to auto suggest that for you.  We also have ‘Enhanced Advanced Search’ – what a mouthful!  Now, what does that mean?  It means that there are so many filters now you can place on your search results.

So, for instance, if you are looking for a Product Manager, you may want to narrow it down to the schools that they went to or the locations that they are living in right now.  It’s very, very powerful and really gets you targeted market that you are looking for.

So, the ‘Enhanced Advanced Search’ is an awesome option.  It opens up a brand new page and it gives you all these filters that you probably never even thought of.  You probably won’t ever use them but there are options there to use them as well.  And the final piece of the LinkedIn Search is ‘Automated Alerts’.  Now, what does that mean?

It means that you can save your search results and create an alert.  Now, every time those search results change, it’s going to send you a message.  Pretty cool!  So, if you are doing regular searches, you are looking for some people that are regular contributors or anything else that you want to find as far as results go, you are going to get an automated alert.

see my article about the New LinkedIn Search  Feature 

<<02:30>>:  Alright, the next thing I am going to talk about is the YouTube Integrated Trends with Google – Wow, what a mouthful!  What does that mean?  Well, Google Trends has been around for a while it’s a fantastic research tool.  So, if you are looking for trends in your marketplace or your industry, you can go to Google Trends and you can type in some keyword and see what the trends are over time about that keyword – is it an increasing trend or is it a decreasing trend?

Youtube trendsNow, what Google has done finally is it integrated YouTube videos into the Google Trends which means that you can start looking at how videos have impacted trends for your industry.  So, for instance, the current rage right now is the Harlem Shake.  You can find out trends whether the Harlem Shake is actually still growing or is it dropping off.  Now, that’s a pretty random example but it may be that you are a barbecue expert, you might have a barbecue place and you want to sell barbecues for Thanksgiving in the US.

Now, you can search for trends around turkey or how to cook a turkey and that will give you an indication whether there are seasonal trends around or not.  Now, that’s just another pretty far-off example but you can start to use your imagination about how people are using search for videos in the trends, particularly if it’s seasonal.


<<04:05>>:  Alright, the last thing I want to talk about this week is the Facebook ‘Reply to Comments’ feature.  facebook comments replyFacebook finally, finally, finally launched an option now where you can actually reply to people’s comments inside that comment box.  So, for instance, if somebody posts a post and if there is a few people commenting on it and you wanted to reply to somebody that actually commented on that post, then you can actually reply to that person now rather than putting your message at the very bottom, where it doesn’t even look like it matches the rest of the comments.

So, if there is a bunch of other comments that have come in, then you can actually reply to that person above.  It’s a very cool feature and you can go and set up and I will show you that – if you go into your admin panel and click on this button, just here, you can set it up on your page now – very, very handy feature; make sure you set it up.

facebook comments reply

Alright, that’s the wrap for this week’s Social 3.


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