Social 3 – Facebook Graph Search, LinkedIn Answers and Facebook Phishing Scam

Hey!  This is Andrew McCauley and each week I am going to bring you a video blog on the Top 3 social news stories of the week.  Let’s get started.

In This episode of Social 3,

00:13- LinkedIn Answers to be abolished

01:10- Facebook Graph Search is here

01:53- Facebook Phishing Scam- Beware!

LinkedIn is getting rid of Answers

Okay.  So, the first story we are going to talk about this week is LinkedIn.  LinkedIn has decided to get rid of its application called ‘Answers’.  Now, ‘Answers’ was a really, really good tool for a lot of people, especially if you wanted to be authority in your industry.  I used ‘Answers’ all the time, particularly when I need to find information or go and post some answers so that people can see how smart I was.

Anyway, LinkedIn decided that January 31, 2013 that will no longer be around.  So, if you have been using ‘Answers’, it’s time to think about where else you can start to go, places like Facebook, Facebook groups, there are forums out there that you can start interacting with people and share your knowledge and also there is Twitter and all the other social platforms as well.

So, if the ‘Answers’ was in your part of the strategy for your marketing, then maybe it’s time to look at something else.  I would suggest strongly if you want to stay in LinkedIn, go to the groups and discussions inside the groups.

Facebook Graph Search is here

Next piece of news is that Facebook Graph Search has been announced last week.  Facebook said that their open search graph is about to be implemented across the board.  Now, what does that mean?  It just means that you can start searching for some awesome things inside Facebook.

For instance, you may want to look for restaurants that your friends like in Chicago and then it’s going to give you a list of all the restaurants that your friends had liked.  You may want to go and find out photos that your mom (mum for my Aussie friends) uploaded before 1990.

Facebook Graph search

So, you can go and search very, very specifically inside Facebook for a lot of detailed information.  It’s going to be a bit of a game changer.  So, keep an eye out for Open Graph.  It’s actually in Beta right now.  It will be available very, very soon.

Beware the latest Phishing Scam on facebook

The last piece of information I am going to talk about is a phishing scam from Facebook or a hacker that’s claiming to be Facebook.  Essentially what it does is – and it claims to be one of the best phishing scams around right now – that it will send you a viral video link from a friend usually.  If you click on it, it will take you to a Facebook page which appears very, very real.

It will ask you to enter your details and some extra security questions and it will grab that information and use it against you.  The thing that makes this especially good scam is that there are really not many spelling mistakes, it looks very, very much like Facebook and at the end of the scam when it has done what it needed to do in taking your details, it sends you right back to the real Facebook.  So, you don’t even realize you have been inside someone else’s scam.  So, be aware of that.  One of the tricks to learn is to look at the URL above.  Does it say ‘’?  The scam here will actually say ‘FACEBOOURK’ on the URL. (

So, there it is.  That’s Social 3.  I hope you got a lot of information.

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