Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Facebook Timeline covers disappearing, Facebook lookalike audiences and the expensive business of Promoted Trends on Twitter.

All that on this weeks edition of Social 3.

In this Episode:

0:16  Lookalike Audiences on Facebook

1:16 Facebook TimeLine Cover Images disappearing

2:06 Twitter promoted Trends


Facebook Lookalike Audiences

First thing this week is all about lookalike audiences on Facebook.  Now, what are they?

facebook power editorIf you are using the power editor to run your Facebook ads, then you know about the ability to upload your list into Facebook.

This ability lets you actually bring a CSV file of your current contacts into Facebook and then target those specific people for your ads.  It’s also a way to build your brand management.  Now, that’s been around for a little while but there is a new thing that Facebook have just launched and that’s called Lookalike Audiences.


What it will do is it will grab those people that you upload into your power editor and it will build a profile around those people so that when you go to target your audience, you are not targeting just the people that you have uploaded but also other people that Facebook thinks are connected in the same sort of demographic as the people you just uploaded – pretty powerful if you are using Facebook marketing.

facebook lookalike audiences


Timeline Images are Disappearing

The other thing that’s happening big around Facebook these days is that some people are losing their timeline cover images.  Now, this is not new but it looks like Facebook is making a concerted effort to go and rid Facebook of those timeline cover photos that have too much information on them, too much context, calls to action and that sort of stuff.

Anything that’s breaching the rules of Facebook for timeline covers, they are really targeting.  So, if you have got a timeline cover photo that is breaching some of those terms and conditions that Facebook set up, you may want to think about adjusting that before you lose it.

Now, they are not deleting the photos itself, you will still have the photos; it just means you will have a big blank space in front of your profile or your business page if you are breaching those terms and conditions.  So, go out and check that out right now.


Twitter Promoted Trends

The last thing I want to talk about is the Twitter Promoted Trends.  You have all seen it and this is what it looks like, just there.

twitter promoted trends

Last year, if you wanted to use that little space to promote your trend, it was going to cost you $150,000 dollars a day.  Twitter have just upped it – $200K for a day of promoted trends.  That’s a pretty expensive little advertising space right there.

So, if you are going to spend $200K and you want to stick your promoted trend at the top of that list, that’s what it’s going to cost you for a day.  Now, incidentally, if you do want to change your promoted trend or your trends and you are looking currently looking at a worldwide trend, you can easily adjust that trend to any city that you like in any country in the world.

Now, I travel a lot and I would like to see what my hometown is doing.  So, I can actually change my trend.

See how to change your current trends on Twitter here.

Alright, that’s this week’s edition of Social 3.  I am Andrew McCauley, the Social Media Bloke, looking forward to seeing you next week.


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