Flipagram is here

We are all taking a bunch more photos these days thanks to the smart phone with amazing lens qualities. The problem now come ..when do we have time to look at these photos…  go to your mobile phone right now and scroll to the top of yout camera roll and I bet there are photos near the top that you had forgotten about… am I right?

Well, there is hope…yet. There is a new app that is crushing it on the app store and its called Flipagram . This app accesses your photos from you mobile phone, your images from Instagram and your pics from facebook and puts them all into a neat little video, complete with your choice of music.


The cool thing is that you can select the length of your video, the amount of images that you want in the video and then share it with your social circles or your friends.

Its very easy to use and you can have a video up and  running in no time at all.

Here is my super quick contribution to the flipagram world….



I am sure there are businesses that are planning their marketing strategies around this app…after all, its a great way to showcase your business …. you could have staff flipagrams, product flipagrams, demo flipagrams..the list goes on. I would love to see how people are using these flipagrams


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