Give Your LinkedIn Profile a New Year's Makeover

LinkedIn is one of my personal favorites of the social media platforms and it continues to be an essential place to create a profile if you want to stay connected within your industry and network professionally. There are currently over 225 million users making it the largest professional network in the world. But if your LinkedIn profile isn’t quite up to par, you may be doing yourself a disservice; after all, your LinkedIn profile is likely to come up near the top of a search if someone Googles you so you want it to be reflecting the best of you. Here are six quick tips for giving your LinkedIn profile a makeover in time for the New Year…

1. Review your profile headline

This is only 120 words but is one of the first things a person who views your profile will see so you need to make them good! This should include keywords that you are targeting and is essentially your ‘elevator speech’ of who you are and what you do. There are a surprising number of people out there with this part not completed or not used to its potential; if you are one of them you could be missing great network opportunities as people click away.

2. Make use of your professional gallery

This place is designed for you to showcase your best work so make sure you take advantage of it! You can include documents, video and audio presentations which really gives you options when choosing from your best work. If you have been using it already, perhaps it is time for a refresh and some more current work.

3. Ask for some recommendations

Rather than sending out a blanket request to all of your contacts (these don’t tend to have so much success), why not write some recommendations for contacts yourself and request that they reciprocate? In the case of your business page, reach out to loyal customers for recommendations but use common sense when doing this. Who won’t mind being approached? Who might find it annoying?

4. Review your skills and expertise section

Make sure that the skills and expertise you have showcased are relevant to your business and/or career right now. Take out anything that does not fit with the direction you are heading at present. At the same time, ensure that your products and services as shown on your profile are still current.

5. Review your summary

Do you want to get to know the person described in your summary? Look at it as how you would conduct a conversation with someone you just met, say over a coffee. It may be time for a more updated version anyway! Again, make sure you include your keywords within your summary.

6. Photo update

Is your profile photo both professional (or as close as possible) and recent? Are you recognizable? Make sure you have an up-to-date photo that reflects how you want people to see you. There are also a number of people who don’t even have a photo on their profile. If you want to be taken seriously on LinkedIn, make sure your profile is complete including a photo.


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