Gmail now lets you send email to your Google+ connections

Gmail now lets you send email to your Google+ connections even if you do not have their email address. This is a big change for Google and it could see a big change in what marketers are doing online.

When you are composing an email in your gmail account, gmail will auto-populate the To: field with not only your current list of contacts, but also your Google+ connections. You will not be able to see their email address until they respond to your email, but you will be able to send them emails(unless they are already a contact).

The recipient of such an email will find their email turn up in their social tab of their gmail account.

email G+ connections from gmail

You can, of course ,opt out of recieving emails form your Google + connections in the settings tab if you wish.

I do see an increase of people connecting with you in the near future so that they can begin sending you emails…will this increase the amount of emails and spam we regularly get? I guess we will soon see.

Google are rolling out this feauture in the next few days so keep an eye out for it in your inbox

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