Google Plus For Business: Getting The Best Of It

Are you on Google Plus yet? Google Plus for business is a powerful tool for business success, tying together social media and search engine optimization. With Google being the No.1 search engine in use, having a Google Plus page set up for your business gives you that extra tie in for search results as Google treats the content on your Google Plus page as another website. Google Plus now has around 359 million active users, putting it ahead of Twitter at 200 million.

Google plus for business

Setting up your business page is as simple as following these steps;

1. If you haven’t already, create a personal profile first.

2. From your personal profile, click on the ‘Pages’ option at the left-hand menu.

3. Choose the category that defines your business. Local businesses should add their phone number which will allow Google to confirm your details and pinpoint your business on Google Maps. You should then enter your external web address, select who the content is appropriate for and accept the terms and conditions. Your page is now ready to set up.

4. Fill out all the descriptive parts of the page with all of the information potential customers would need. Be sure to make the page visually appealing and include any branding as well as images of your products where appropriate.

Once you have your page set up, here are a few ways to help you make the most of Google Plus for your business;

1. Use the Google+ badge on your website to connect it directly to your page. This will allow people to follow you on Google Plus without leaving your website and an active ‘Follow’ widget will show up next to your listing in search results.

2. Use #hashtags in your updates to allow more exposure to users beyond your immediate followers.

3. Use a visually attractive cover photo to convey your branding. Google recently updated these to allow bigger images so you can really create something to impress.

4. Use the Hangout function to further promote your business. While you can only have up to 10 people on this free video conferencing function, you can stream via YouTube to an unlimited audience. This way you can even host webinars or interviews that help deliver great content and help promote your business. The ability to share your screen during the Hangout could also be very useful for demonstrations etc.

5. Create or join communities. Just like those available on LinkedIn, Google Plus has a number of communities available which are a great way for you to take an active part in discussion and become known for your expertise in your niche. If there is not a current group available to suit what you are looking for, create it yourself using your personal account.

These are just a few ways your business can get the most from Google Plus. What have you done and how are you getting results? Please let us know below…

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