Happy Birthday LinkedIn

On this week’s Social 3 it’s all about LinkedIn.

Happy Birthday, LinkedIn!

Welcome to this week’s Social 3.  It’s all about LinkedIn.  It’s their 10th Birthday; they have just turned 10 years old. Happy Birthday LinkedIn.  Can you imagine that, already?!  So, I thought I would bring up three new things that LinkedIn have introduced in the last two weeks.

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In this Episode of Social 3

<<00:28>>: News Feature Channel

<<00:51>>: Profiles can now have images and videos

<<01:38>>: New Connections Feature

News Feature and Chanels

Firstly, let’s have a look at the News Feature that they have got now across channel, a special section where you can start to look at all of the industry leaders and put them into certain channels.  So, when you come on to LinkedIn, you can see what the industry leaders are talking about in their field.  It’s a very, very good way to keep up to date with a whole broad spectrum of different people’s expertise.

linkedin Channels

Profiles can now have Images, Videos and Slideshows

The other thing that linked in have brought now is that your profiles can be up-to-date with fantastic videos and images and all sorts of presentations as well.  LinkedIn have enabled this feature across the board so that you can showcase your talents.  Gone are the days of just boring plain text on your profile.  Now, you can start to add great videos from either YouTube or a whole host of other video sharing sites.

There are images that you can add to really help enhance your profile and you can even upload SlideShare presentations as well.  LinkedIn are rolling out this feature because they know that the other sites like Pinterest and Facebook and the others are all starting to use very visual graphics to represent people’s profiles.  They wanted to keep up with it.  So, you can now add these to your profile as well.


Brand new features for your Connections

The final thing that LinkedIn have introduced is the ‘Connections’ tab.  Now, it’s always been there of course but now they have enhanced it and what they have done is they have actually almost created their own little CRM.  So, what you can do now is you can hook it up with your Gmail or your other Outlook accounts and find out when was the last time you interacted with those people.

Now, whether you interacted with them on LinkedIn or they have sent you an e-mail, LinkedIn starts to tell you.  So, it gives you a whole rundown of who you have been interacting with the most.  What it also lets you do is it sets alarms so that you may want to connect with somebody down the track.  So, for instance, if you got a message and you have connected with somebody new today, you may want to set yourself an alarm in two weeks’ time or a month’s time to reconnect with that person as well.

It’s an awesome little CRM feature which is rolling out across the network.  So, keep an eye on that because it’s going to let you be in contact with your connections so much greater.



Alright, that’s it for this week’s Social 3.  Happy Birthday, LinkedIn!



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