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Klout adds Instagram to its stable

The social media activity curator Klout adds Instagram to its stable. InstaGram is one of those social sites that generate some of the most engaging and beautiful content and it has been highly requested by Klout users. As from now, all of your InstaGram images will be part of your Klout score and your most popular photos will appear in Klout moments.

What is Klout?

Klout measures influences across several social media networks and shows users how they can impact people that are connected to them. The Klout score, is a number between 0-100 and represents your overall social media influence. The Klout algorithm, measures more than 400 different variables across all sorts of different social media networks, and it looks at who is engaging with your content and who they are sharing it with. People can recognize you for your influence and they can give you +K score which means that they can enhance your profile by giving you credibility scores. Klout also lets you earn rewards from various different suppliers and brands.

Klout adds instagram to it stable

Also today Klout is letting you connect your account to Bing. This means that your search results in the future could be a major factor into your Klout score. Bing is now displaying it Klout score for high-profile professionals and socially active influencers right inside their own search results. This means that it’s easy now to see somebody’s Klout score and their expertise straight from the search results, which could mean a whole new way of targeting people.

In the past. many people have scoffed at Klout, because you could rig the system. It looks like Klout are trying their best to make sure that people cannot rig the system.
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