Make your Landing Page Compliant for Facebook Ads

Make your Landing Page Compliant for Facebook Ads

Do you know how to make your Landing Page Compliant for Facebook Ads?

The more you look around the web, the more you’re going to start seeing all sorts of funnel pages and landing pages. Landing page compliance is now a big part of what is happening with the future of online marketing, especially coming from a marketer’s standpoint.

Landing Page Compliance

What we have got to understand is that when you’re driving traffic to these landing pages, you’ve got to make sure that they are compliant with some of the places that you’re sending traffic from, for instance, Facebook and Google.

Google and Facebook have some pretty strict limitations on where they’re sending their clients to. Remember, Google is a search engine, and they want to be known for great search results.

If they deliver a search result that ends up taking a customer to a landing page that’s not even relevant to what the person just searched for, those people will go back and say, “Well, Google didn’t give me a very good experience.”

So, Google wants to make sure that your landing pages are in compliance with what they’re looking for.

Its the same for Facebook.

Facebook is a massive advertising platform, and people are sending all sorts of traffic away from Facebook, but Facebook wants to be known as a great place to send traffic from, because of the algorithm that it uses to put the ads in front of the right people.

Here are a couple of tips that you need to think about when you want to make your Landing Page Compliant for Facebook Ads.

1. Does Your Facebook Ad and Landing page match?

The first one is making sure that the landing page and Facebook ad match.

Make your Landing Page Compliant for Facebook AdsDoes your ad have the same type of language as the landing page, and does the landing page have the same type of language as the ad?

Does the landing page have similar colors, maybe the same vibe as the ad?

Bait and Switch tactics are no longer acceptable by Facebook. What I mean by bait and switch is that you can’t advertise one thing and then deliver them to a site that has something else. Bait and switch tactics are now dead, and Facebook penalizes people very, very harshly if you are running bait and switch ads, so you want to make sure that the landing page and the ad actually match each other, and the people that land on the page are getting exactly what they expected from clicking the ad. This all makes up part of the Facebook landing page compliance.

2. Get Rid of Exit Pops

Facebook does not like exit pops anymore. They used to say that they didn’t like the pop-ups when you first got to a website.

landing page complianceWell, now, they don’t even like pop-ups when you exit the website. What you need to do is you want to make sure that it’s a click to pop ad or a click to pop pop-up, rather than an exit pop.

When somebody goes to your website for the very first time, and you have a big pop-up coming up, it basically jumps in front of them and says, “Hey. Buy my stuff”.

The problem with this is that the visitor has no real idea who that owner of the website is or what the business is all about. You want to make sure that you don’t have pop-ups or entry pops.

What we were doing for a long time was getting around it by doing exit pops. When somebody leaves the website of choice, suddenly a pop-up will come up and say, “Hey, before you leave my website, make sure you check out this particular offer that I’m about to show you.”

Even that activity now has Facebook frowning. What they would rather see is a Call-to-action with a button that then produces a pop-up, rather than exit pops on the page that they’re leaving.

3. Avoid Money Making Claims

Make your Landing Page Compliant for Facebook Ads - The Social MEDIA blokeThe next one that you’ve got to be careful of is any money-making claims that you’re portraying on your Facebook ads. It used to be ok to say something like, “I made X amount of dollars in 30 days with this new procedure or this particular tool.”

Now, Facebook doesn’t even want that, so you got to make sure that you’re not having any sorts of money-making claims at all.

They will just crush your ad in a heartbeat.

Unfortunately, that’s something you’re just going to have to deal with.

4. Digital Products need to be treated like Physical Products.

The next one is that info products must be described, they must be sold, and they must be advertised just like a physical product.

Make your Landing Page Compliant for Facebook Ads - The Social MEDIA blokeYou know, webinars are probably one of the worst culprits for this sort of thing, where people are advertising webinars all over the place, and they are and can be very vague.

Facebook wants you to be able to say exactly what you’re going to get from the webinar, how long it’s going to take, and even if you’re going to be selling some items or something on that webinar.

 Let’s face it, webinars are now a staple in the marketer’s playbook, and if you’re getting slammed with webinar ads everywhere, Facebook wants to make sure that you know exactly what you’re in for when you click on that ad.

5. Watch the trigger words

Make your Landing Page Compliant for Facebook Ads

The next tip is to avoid using words like “you”, “you’re”, “this”, and “other”.

Facebook is finding these words are frequently appearing in those clickbait headlines, so now they’re putting a bit of a kibosh upon those particular headlines and descriptions.

You want to make sure that you’re changing the words around and not just trying to use the ‘you”, “you’re”, “this”, and “other” words.

I know that we’re trying to market to people, and put them in their shoes, and show them what’s in it for them, but there’s going to have to be some other ways to do that, because of this particular little, change from Facebook.

6. Add the minor but important details to ensure Landing Page Compliance

Finally, the last one is you want to make sure that you can add privacy policy, or terms of use, your address, and even your phone number, if you can, to your landing pages.

Make your Landing Page Compliant for Facebook AdsMany big companies are all using that sort of stuff, and phone numbers especially, carry a pretty high level of credibility.

If you can add that to your footer or to your page, on your landing page, then you’ll find that Facebook will probably like you a little bit more, because of that ability. 🙂

There are five steps that I wanted to share with you about how to make your Landing Page Compliant for Facebook Ads because I’ve had lots of clients who have had Landing Page Compliance issues with Facebook.

This may clear up a few of them, and I hope this has helped you as well.

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