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Mobile Marketing: Check Out These Facts!

Has your business done anything with mobile marketing yet? Made sure your website is responsive? Used QR codes or text campaigns? If you’re yet to be convinced that you should be paying attention to mobile marketing, check out these 50 facts compiled by Jamie Turner and Jeanne Hopkins…

When you consider that 91% of adults have their mobile phone within arm’s reach 24/7, there is massive potential to be reaching a wide audience very quickly. Mobile advertising has seen a huge upswing, particularly with platforms such as Facebook which allow advertising that is better targeted to the individual (as opposed to many banner ads which may be irrelevant to the viewer).
Mobile advertising spend is expected to reach $39 billion in 2018, tripling todays’ spend, while by the end of this year it is expected that there will be more mobile devices than people on Earth.
Need any more convincing?

What have you done about mobile marketing and what kind of results did you get? Comment below…

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