New Facebook Live Features

The live streaming war just got a lot more exciting. Recently, Facebook announced that they are really ramping up their Facebook Live to combat Twitter’s Periscope and some of the other live streaming platforms that are on the market. Facebook is rolling out New Facebook Live Features to users across the board and people are very very excited. There are lots of things to be excited about with Facebook Live.

New Facebook Live Features

If you haven’t caught up with what’s happening with live streaming — last year Twitter took over Periscope and really ran with Periscope, Meerkat was released just a few months before that and there was a small war between Meerkat and Periscope. It looks like Periscope seems to have won out because Meerkat have changed their business model.

Periscope bandwagon rolled on and one year later Periscope announced that they have 200 million live streams in that first year with people watching 110 years of live video every single day.

New Facebook Live Features Periscope

Facebook last year in the middle of the year rolled out their Facebook Live to a select few celebrities and influencers and now they are rolling New Facebook Live Features out to everybody.

With this roll out comes a range of amazing new features that they can implement when you’re using Facebook Live. For instance, here are a few of them.

Facebook Live can now be broadcast live to groups

See this article on how to do this

So if you’re in a group, or you have your own group, or you have a specific group that you’re a member of, you can now broadcast live to that group. This is great for marketers or great for people that have private groups in the background.

It’s excellent if you have your own private membership site and you want to create a group for those members. Now you can actually create some live video for those members just so that you can interact with those people.

You could probably charge money, although it’s probably against Facebook’s Terms of Service, but you could charge people to be a part of your membership and they only get access to your live video feeds inside the group.

Facebook Live for Events

The other aspect of Facebook that they’ve rolled out Facebook Live to is Events. If you’re running an event, if you’ve created an event in Facebook now you can actually live stream your events into the event section of Facebook.

Facebook Reactions

In addition to rolling out those features they’ve also added Facebook Reactions. Reactions are the little smiley faces or the emoticons you can use when you’re seeing a post. So people can not only like your live video, but they can also have the happy face or the sad face or the love face, whatever they’re feeling about that particular video.

So now you can actually have some emoticons connected to your live video.


New Facebook Live Features reactions


Facebook Comments on Live Videos

The other great thing that they’ve rolled out is that the comments that are made on the Facebook Live videos will be replayed as they occur when users watch the videos.

Let’s say you’ve got a live video that goes for ten minutes and at the five minute mark somebody has commented on your video, if you were to come along and watch that replay later, you would be able to see that comment pop up in the correct time of the stream.

Currently, things like Blab and some of these other services already have the comments there. As you’re watching the video the entire comment stream is already present, so it’s a bit hard to see when people interjected with a specific comment.

With Facebook Live they’re going to show you when these comments popped up at the right time in the video.

New Facebook Live Features – Filters

They are also adding filters. Filters are going to let you do a number of things. It’s going to let you change the colors, the backgrounds; they are only adding five for now.

Think Instagram filters, but not as many. But they’re going to let you do a few other things. Also, they’re going to introduce a doodle — the ability to draw or doodle on Facebook Live videos.

Imagine if you’re showing a video and you wanted to mark a specific area of your video so that people can see where you’re talking about, now you will be able to doodle on the video or draw on the video so people can see it.


New Facebook Live Features filters


The other cool thing is that you are able now to invite people to your Facebook Live Stream and other people can invite their friends to your video as well. There is a “like” button or a “share” button, an “invite” button that people can invite their friends to watch you live as well. It’s great for spreading this message virally.

On your iOS device or your Android device down on the bottom where the little Messenger icon was, they’re actually replacing that with a live video icon which means that they are really getting behind this live video. Obviously, they’re seeing that there is a need for people to share the live video; they’re getting rid of the ability to share it on Messenger and they’re doubling down on this video, so this is a big play from Facebook.


New Facebook Live Features


Facebook Live Maps

If you’re using Facebook on Desktop, you’re not left out either. There is a map that’s available for you if you’re looking for who’s live right now. Facebook will give you a map so you can see around the world who’s broadcasting live at this minute.

Check it out here …


New Facebook Live Features MAP


Periscope have been doing this for a while; it’s very very effective and is a great way to search for people that you want to check out what they’re doing live. So that’s on the Desktop application.

Already there are 60 countries where this feature is available.

New Facebook Live Features – Metrics

They’re also introducing new metrics for pages that are sharing Facebook Live Video. So if that’s part of your strategy, part of your business, you’re going to see some new metrics now.

Some of the metrics that they’re going to be showing you are the live broadcast audience — how many people are actually watching that particular video, how many minutes are viewed, how many unique viewers are actually watching that broadcast as well.

The number of views that people have watched including replays, the ten-second views, which means how many people got through the first ten seconds and the average percentage completion — how many people actually completed watching your entire broadcast will also be available.

They’re some really good insights and these are going to be put inside your page insights and your video library as well so you can really start to check out what’s going on there.

New Facebook Live Features – Things to think about

One thing I do want to point out is that with the ability to comment on live videos we’re finding that there is so much more interaction with live videos as opposed to a normal prepared video that’s being put on your Facebook page.

So if you are somebody that really wants to start playing around with live video feed, you’re going to notice a real uptick in people interacting with your brand or your page, especially if you’re doing live video. This is great for  the Facebook algorithm. If you want your posts and your streams to be in the front of as many people as you can, the more interaction you’ve got on your video the better it’s going to be.

So think about how else can you make more interaction? Start doing some videos; get some interaction with people.

Ask them to comment on your videos.

Ask them to like it and share it because that’s only going to tell Facebook that you’re important; you’re somebody to watch so that you can start getting your feed in front of the new stream as well.

LIVE Video Stream search

The other roll-out that’s also happened is that Facebook have introduced the ability to search for videos that are happening online. If you’re looking for a specific topic and you put it into the search graph up at the top and somebody’s topic or somebody’s content –their live video content — is about that topic, this result is going to show in people’s search results.


Prince Death on facebook

So, it’s important that you want to make sure that you are labeling and putting the key words in the title, especially the title, of your Facebook Live Chat so that people can find you. Otherwise, you may just be broadcasting to nobody. It just gives you a better chance for people to find you when they’re doing a search for your information or for that particular topic as well.

What are your thoughts on the new facebook Live features?

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