New LinkedIn Search Feature

The new LinkedIn Search feature has proven to be a very robust and perfect enhancement to the LinkedIn Platform. In line with other Social Platforms renovating their search feature, LinkedIn has followed suit.

In the Past, when you searched for something, you had to nominate on the drop down box on the left whether it was a search for people, groups, companies or even answers when it was around.

new  linkedin search feature



Now, the new feature lets you search the entire LinkedIn platform from the one search box, with added features.

There are 4 main areas that have changed in the new linkedIn search feature:

1. Auto Complete

The Auto Complete function will suggest search options for you, something results that you may not have thought od but will benefit you greatly.

2. Suggested Searches

This feature will show you example search queries as well as the results you are looking for too.. and its all in one place.

3. Enhanced Advanced Search

The Advanced search, whilst always there, has been really souped up and has a range of additional features that will really narrow down your search results and getting better targeted option for you.

New Linkedin Advanced Search feature

4. Automated Alerts

This is a great addition. LinkedIn will save your search results and alert you to any changes to those results. Its a great assest if you are doing a regular search.


I think this will be a great move on LinkedIn’s part as they strive to keep people engaged on their own platform rather than using Bing or Google to rely on their searching options.

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