Simple twitter analytics tips for businesses

Twitter’s great, right—lots of comments, lots of retweets, an easy way to share quick news. But what is Twitter really doing for your business and your bottom line?

Unfortunately, not enough people know enough about Twitter—and if they learned more, the power of this social media tool to make a real and positive impact on business might surprise them.

Take sales, for example: Twitter wouldn’t seem to have much to do with sales—but it does. Over half of all Twitter users, for example, have discovered a small- or medium-size business because of Twitter. That’s led to them shopping, either at a brick-and-mortar store or online. And it’s also led to more positive feelings about that business—just because of Twitter.

But to get more out of Twitter you have to do two things: You have to think more strategically about the platform and you have to get more out of the data that exists in reports about Twitter. Learn how to do that with this graphic.

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