[Social 3] Flipagram, Vine and Facebook 20%

On this weeks edition of Social 3 , we are talking about Flipagram, Vine on the desktop and the updated version of Facebooks 20% rule.


What’s in this weeks show

0:20  Vine on the Desktop

0:54 Flipagram…it could be BIG

1:35 How Flipagram works

1:51 My prediction for 2014

2:05 Check out my Flipagram Video

2:08 Facebook 20% Rule for Ads

2:50 New methods of working out the rule

3:07 What are the exceptions?


Read more about Vine on the Web

Find out how to use Flipagram

Whats the deal with the new 20% rule…find out here


Here is my Flipagram Video that I created….it only took me a few minutes… what do you think?

Facebook’s new Grid tool can be found here


Post the links to your flipagram video in the comments below

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