SuperBowl Blackout, Pinterest and Instagram

This week on Social 3 we are talking about Pinterest, we are talking about Instagram and we are going to talk about the massive Superbowl in the USA and what that meant for marketers.

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In this Video:
0:22 -Instagram’s New Web Interface
1:00 -Pinterest iOS update
1:23 -Superbowl stats
2:02 -Blackout craziness
2:10 -Oreo’s seize marketing opportunity
2:19 -Stain
2:24 -Jim Beam
3:20 -Happy Birthday Facebook

First off, Instagram has just announced that it now has a web application that you can start to view your Instagram photos in real time.  Previously, you could go to Instagram and you really couldn’t see a real-time vision of what was going on but they have changed all that by introducing the new real-time website.

instagram  new web interface

Now, you can’t upload photos to Instagram at the moment.  You can’t add filters to any of your photos either but what you can do is you can comment, you can tag and you can view these photos in real time.  It’s a little bit of a closer step to their mobile application and who knows hopefully soon you can start to upload photos and use their filtering section.

Pinterest has also updated their iOS app as well.  So, now you can start to edit, comment, and you can edit locations and descriptions.

Previously, you could not do that from the iPhone app but you certainly can now.  So, that’s a great thing for Pinterest users.  If you are really keen on using Pinterest and using your mobile phone to add your images, you can start editing all of your stuff now.



The big news of the week was the Superbowl in the USA.  It was monstrous event.  There was a whole bunch of stuff going on.  In fact, on Twitter it was 3 times more busier this year than it was last year which is just crazy.

Let me tell you a couple of other stats.

88% of the tweets coming in for the Superbowl on Twitter were via mobile phone which is just crazy – 88%.  If you are not thinking about using mobile for your business, you really should start thinking about that.

There were 24 million tweets about the game and the half-time entertainment alone.  That’s not including the Superbowl blackout that happened but once the blackout happened, it went crazy; Twitter was on fire.

Now, with the Superbowl blackout there ,was a number of clever marketing strategies and a number of companies that really jumped on that blackout bandwagon and if you want to check that out, go and see places like Mashable which has a whole range of the clever marketers that were able to capitalize on the current piece of information.  How about thinking about that for your business?  How can you capitalize on something that happens and use it to your advantage?  It’s really well worth looking at what sort of advertisements these people were throwing out just hours after the blackout.

oreo superbowl blackout ad  stain superbowl blackout ad JimBeam superbowl blackout ad

The other thing is that because it was such a big event, I was tweeting; I was watching the game myself and I was tweeting about certain things and I found that a lot of my tweets were getting re-tweeted.  Now, how can you start to use that in your business?  How can you think about the big events that are out there?  Where are the people looking at?  Things like the Olympics, things like the Grammys or the Oscars – where there is a big event in your industry or a big event in your country, have a look at where can you capitalize on the traffic and the eyeballs that are coming for that particular event.  Even though my business, social media, has not actually got anything to do with football, I was able to attract the attention to people that I never had been able to connect with before.  So, you have to think about how you can use that for your marketing?

Finally, this week marks a big birthday for a particular social media platform.  Happy Birthday, Facebook!  You are 9 years old this week.  9 years old, wow!  So much achieved in such a little time!  So, Happy Birthday, Facebook!


happy birthday Facebook

This is Social 3.  I am Andrew McCauley looking forward to seeing you next week.

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