The Secret to YouTube Popularity

One way to save your self some time and money is to not buy any of those eBooks about how to make your YouTube videos popular. There is one common secret to every successful vlogger. Post and post often. If you only post a video once in a blue moon, you won’t get a following. It’s a simple concept.  There are arguments out there that infer that just because you post daily doesn’t mean you will get loads of hits, but it should be viewed as a “best practice” in this blogging and vblogging age.

One just has to look and the most popular or “most highly rated” vbloggers to see that they share this common practice. Just look at the following link, most popular videos of the week on YouTube, you’ll see how often they post. If you are posting at the same time regularly, the common public will come to expect a new video at that time daily. It just makes sense to have your posting on a schedule if you want to grow your fan base. YouTube is a great tool to find the undiscovered talent that is in the world, but some ordinary daily vlog entries are eclipsing the post that showcase the great undiscovered talents.

So in order to become one of the most viewed vlogs on YouTube, have a schedule and post often.

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