Top 10 End of the World Funny Images

Well , it’s December 22 and of course we survived the predicted End of the World. I was amused at all of the funny images that popped up on all of the social sites and the internet in general in the lead up to the December 22 supposed event and I thought I would showcase my  Top 10 End of the World Funny Images that made me chuckle.  There were some very clever ones , some rude ones and some others that were just humorous.

I have listed these in no particular order and I hope you get a laugh.

1. The Ultimate Survivors Checklist

End of the world checklist

The ultimate survival guide checklist! If you are reading this, then you probably have survived all these.

 2. Makes sense for School Kids

End of the world school

Wouldn’t this be a tragic waste?

 3. The Mayan Baby Boom

End of the world babies

This could still technically be the case.. we will see

 4. Mis-Calculations

End of the world calculations

Should have used a calculator

 5. Would Suck to be the only one left

End of the world meteor

Looks like a balloon popping

 6. The Oreo Prophecy

End of the world oreo

I think I will stick with the Oreos

 7.Mayan Comedy

End of the world calendar

One of my favorites!

 8. Even the Weather forecasters were predicting it

End of the world weather forecast

Very creative.. even the wind looks like it will whip up!

 9. Famous last words

End of the world tequila

Whats a drink between friends?

 10. Just for fun

End of the world cable joke

I would love to see the power companies agree to this… yeah right!

 and lets all hope….

End of the world stop talking



OK so that was my Top 10 End of the World Funny Images, hope you enjoyed them… please share them with your friends

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