Using the new Jelly App

We have been hearing a little about the Jelly App for over a year now and it has finally launched. Twitter, Co Founder, Biz Stone is part of the team that launched the app.

Using the new Jelly App

Essentially, it is a Q&A type app, where you can pose a question to your friends or social followers and they can answer it. You take a photo of soemthing you need an answer for and people will chime in with their answer..they can even draw on the screen if they wish.

As the question poser, you get a series of replies from your network and you can choose to say thanks or share it.

Here is the promotional video from Jelly


My Experience

I was doing alot of research about this app and it appears that there is a lot of people unhappy with it, as it seems to lock up peoples phones, stop working or just get stuck randomaly. The reviews on itunes are not too favorable. That being said, I downloaded it and have had no problems with it at all.

I posed a question about a type of light bulb in my desk lamp as an experiment to see what sort of response I would get. I was pleasantly surprised.

I had 4 responses from people I didnt know personally, including one from a John Smith from Lowes (Twitter: @Lowes)

jelly lowes

Some of the things that iIthink could be improved, is that you cant seem to respond to a persons answer. So if I wanted to ask them a question about their answer for clarification, then I cant seem to do that. I can click a button that says it was a good answer.

There is no real filter system to categorize the type of questions being asked…so you are getting alot of random noise

I will continue to explore this app as quick start big brands are already jumping on it very quickly…and as with most things, the bugs will be ironed out.

Are you using the Jelly app at all?  Love to know how you are using it

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