Using Twitter for your PR-10 Tips

With all the buzz going on about Twitter, how do you know how to use this resource effectively? Using Twitter for your PR is a must. Afterall, Twitter just announced that it now has 105 million users and growing rapidly!  It seems everywhere you look, someone has a tip on how to use this ever expanding  network. What started off as a social network has now become a widely use PR tool. This is great news for all those small business owners out there. It is also a commonly used tool for those established businesses as well. Here is a list of the top 10 tips on how to use Twitter effectively for your business.

  1. Broadcast, Broadcast, Broadcast. Your PR pieces are your bread and butter. Twitter gets the word out about your news immediately. If the piece contains real time information there is less chance of it being posted and ignored.
  2. Feedback. Twitter allows you to see immediately if something is posted about your business whether it’s good or bad. All you have to do is program a pre-set keyword or group of keywords in your search and receive the information as soon as it is posted.
  3. Humanize your company and executives. Twitter allows you to humanize your company and executives by bringing them directly to the public. People will relate better to your company and executives if they see them as real people and not just a logo.
  4. Showcase your milestones and heroics. There is nothing that the public likes better than to see the underdog come out on top. Instead of just giving employees and contractors the usual “good job” and handshake, showcase them on your Twitter account. Using Twitter for your PR in this way  builds loyalty from your customer and also shows the public that you care about your employees and contractors.
  5. Keep old news current. The good thing about Twitter is that you can keep that old article alive by continuing to drive viewers the article. As long as the news is still relevant you can keep it from dying or fading away.
  6. Drum up attendance for events by creating a buzz. Advertise your upcoming events via Twitter and get an even bigger turnout. By creating buzz, maximum exposure is obtained and every one will want to be in on the action.
  7. Get testimonials. Every person has an opinion and everyone wants to share theirs. SO make this work to your advantage and spotlight testimonials that reflect positively on your company. However, make sure that you get the person’s permission before using their quote.
  8. Use Twitter to support charities and causes. Show the public that you and your company support the greater good. Talk about the issues that concern you and your community. Create a buzz and support the needs of those that are being overlooked.
  9. Tout your high standards. Don’t just talk about them. Show what you are doing to support your high standards. So many people just say what they want you to hear, with Twitter you can show everyone what you are doing to live up to those standards. Use examples. Link to videos or blogs that really showcase that you are practicing what you preach.

10.  Let the public have a peek. It seems that everyone has some sort of camera that lets them record bits and pieces of their lives, be it personal or professional. Your customers want to see your company’s “inner workings” so to speak, so use Twitter to link to those videos and pictures.  Show the public how it’s made; let them see how it works. This lets people know that you are living up to their expectations and will build loyalty in the long run.

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