What is Google AMP and how do you use it?

Over the last two years, smart phones and tablets have really changed the way people are consuming content online. It’s not enough now just to be relying on desktops and web pages for publishers to be delivering their content. Google have decided that they needed to change the way that people consume this content. They introduced a thing called Accelerated Mobile Pages which is basically, AMP — Google Amp.

What is Google AMP and how do you use it?

Google Amp is designed to really speed up the experience for people consuming content on the web. Every time a web page is taking too long to load on somebody’s phone, people will just leave; they don’t hang around to see what’s happening; they leave. Google can see this happening and they wanted ti change the experience.

Facebook are about to introduce something very similar too. But today I wanted to give an overview of what Google Amp is and why it’s super important.

Basically, it’s improving the traditional model of serving mobile content because it relies on a specific form of code. I’m not going to get too technical here, but basically it strips down everything — all the bells and whistles that we see on most web pages — and it delivers just the content, maybe the images and the content itself, which means it serves that particular content a lot faster.

Think about this — if you’re on a mobile phone and you’re paying for data, you don’t want to be loading pages that takes 2, 3, 7, 8, 10 seconds with lots of large images because that starts costing you money. You would tend to move away from going to those sorts of pages because it’s taking up all your data. This is why Google Amp is going to be really, really good.

One of the things that is really good about Google Amp is it’s going to enable articles to rank higher. Anything that’s Amp content, if you like, is going to have the advantage of being shown above the fold on the top of Google’s searches. Google are making sure this is their product; they want people to see it; so they are going to put those results at the top of the Google search network.

What is Google AMP and how do you use it?


It’s very important that you start making sure that you can create your content in the Amp format. There’s all sorts of plug ins that you can get to do this; here are two of them: Automattic and Accelerated Mobile Pages . Google Amp is basically for everybody. You really want to start thinking about it if you are a content creator creating content on Google Amp. It’s going to be one of those things where we’re living in a mobile world; you need to have this for people that are reading your blog posts.

What is Google AMP and how do you use it?
The other great thing about Amp is that it’s open source which means that like Facebook and all these iTunes apps that grow and evolve , we will start to see some pretty new and innovative iterations from developers on what they can do on AMP. Open source means that people can add to what Amp is all about. So anyone who has an idea for making it better can contribute to the specification. Its feature set right now is pretty much small, but as people start to really take to Amp, we’re going to see some amazing things come from Amp as well.

There’s a few negative sides of Amp. Basically there’s no forms, so if you’re looking to get people to sign up for your email list or your newsletter or optin, you don’t have the ability to put a form in there just yet so that could be a little bit of a down side. But I’m sure that will come along down the track when Google allow that. They also currently only cover news-type articles. So if you’ve got an e-commerce site and you’ve got images and things you want to sell, it’s not going to really focus on that right now. It’s mainly focusing on news-type or blog-type articles.

I guess this is going to be the start of something pretty big. I can see a lot of cool things happening already. Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress, Adobe Analytics, LinkedIn, are already some of the partners that have jumped on board and they’re integrating Amp into their platforms already which is going to be phenomenal.

So there you go. That’s a little run-down of Google Amp. Let me know how you like it and if you’ve seen any results on it just yet.

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