What the Google+? Put Google+ to work for your business.

You need it, you want it, you can’t live without it.  Here’s why…

Google+ is important to help you achieve greater business success because it ties social media & search engine optimization together.  There are thousands of social media sites out there, but I’d like to show you how Google+ stands out above the rest. I believe your business could double your engagement if you put Google+ to work for your business.

Allow me to show you its merits by answering some of the questions I get asked about Google+.

 Q: How is Google+ different form all other social media platforms?

A: Google+ [or G+] is the only social media application that is intrinsically tied to search engine optimization.  What do I mean by that? Google is the #1 search engine in the world. YouTube, which is owned by Google, is #2. Google+ is at the heart of those engines.  Vic Gundotra calls G+ “the social media layer of Google”: I like to refer to Google+ as the ‘Hub’ of Google.

The picture below shows the Google wheel with it’s many spokes, and Google+ at the centre.  The spokes are all the integrated bits of Google such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Maps, G+ Local pages [formerly Google Places], etc…

The Google+ wheel


All of these integrated pieces work in combination with G+ to give you a seamless and easy way to complete  many day to day activities online.

By establishing your Google+ profile and/or business page(s) as YOUR ‘hub’ for social media, you will get the search engine optimization built in.

 Q:  What are some of the benefits of Google+ for business?

A: The business benefits of G+ are many. In this article I will only touch on 3 :  Search – Hangouts – Circles/Communities.

#1 Search – Begin by completing your personal profile and business page ‘About’ tabs. All of the items (i.e. the info you fill in) are crawl-able by the search engines, except for the tagline.

 Quick Tip: Make sure to include your full name (name of the business) in the Introduction.

#2 Hangouts – are cool.  Hangouts are the most important online feature in a decade.  Hangouts are the next best thing to being there. Hangouts are free video conferencing that can accommodate up to 10 simultaneous connections.

Want to meet with your staff, colleagues more easily?  Do you have offices in other parts of the country? The world? Outer space? (see below) You can connect up to 10 sites in a single hangout.


Hangouts from Space Station with Google+

By Ida Torres  /   October 26, 2012  /

Google is now reaching for the stars as the first ever public
Google+ Hangouts on Air was conducted between Earth and
the International Space Station (ISS). Japanese astronaut Akihiko Hoshide
 on the ISS talked with kids who were visibly excited by the fact that they
were talking to a man in space through a social network


Need to meet with a client? Traffic’s bad? Weather’s worse?  Neither of you have to leave your office if you use a hangout.

Want to give training? Get training? No need to travel if you use a hangout.

Want to hire an expert to mentor your employees, but it’s expensive to fly them out?  Scheduling conflicts?     Cut costs and travel hassles by using a hangout.

Want to broadcast your message to a larger audience? Re-use training materials? Showcase customer feedback? Take it to the next level. Broadcast live in the Google+ stream and on your YouTube channel using Hangouts on AIR. Put Google+ to work for your business.

The applications are limited only by your imagination.

Quick Tip: You can work on a document collaboratively with everyone in the hangout, using the Google Drive App.

#3  Circles- are how we grow our followers on Google+.

Think of circles as an easy way to group the people you know on G+, similar to your “circles” in real life.

An account starts with the basic circles: friends, family and acquaintances. You choose who goes in each. You can then create/delete more circles based on your specific needs…how many or how few you create is up to you.

Quick tip: Use keyword phrases in naming your circles for greater optimization.

These are only a few of the amazing Google+ features at your disposal.   Need more?  Want to go deeper? Become a savvy Google+ user? You need to put Google+ to work for your business

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About the Author: ELAINE LINDSAY

I’m Elaine Lindsay.  I’m a Google+ evangelist and certified social media & relationship marketing professional. Contact me to find out how I can help you integrate G+ to become a savvy social business user.

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