Why you should be using Videos on your website to increase blog traffic

Do you know why you should be using Videos on your website to increase blog traffic.?

There are a host of reasons why you should be really considering adding video to your site…here are a few for you below

Using Video to Increase Blog Traffic

It has never been easier to share videos with others than it is today. Why not make this work to your advantage? Videos on YouTube, Vine and other video sites capture the attention of potential blog visitors in a way that is much more entertaining than text, and they can help in increasing your SEO rankings.

The Internet is based on hyperlinks, allowing people to move among websites as they please. Links from video sites are quite effective when you use them to increase blog traffic. YouTube and other video sites are very popular. They can be used in much the same way as search engines, to help people locate the products and services they need.

When you create entertaining videos that highlight what your business or blog has to offer, and post them on sites like YouTube, you can bring more traffic to your blog.

You can see this Video in our post here

Advertising through video sharing, you will have more control when it comes to reaching the people you want to attract to your blog. In video sharing, the customers who actively seek your service or product will already be viewing the videos.

You can use video marketing to increase blog traffic, and it will draw more visitors. More visitors eventually lead to more money for your business.

Using videos is the latest, best way to give your blog an online presence that is strong and growing. How will you know what types of videos will add credence to your brand and draw more visitors to your blog?

Title Your Video with Traffic in Mind

Naming image and videos properly - increase blog trafficDescribe your videos accurately. Don’t give them names like “About Us”. Those won’t stand out. Choose keyword phrases that help to increase blog traffic. The keywords should be relevant and describe something that your target audience is looking for when they visit Google, YouTube, etc.


Videotape Speeches and Events

If you participate in or host events, these can offer excellent footage to attract unique visitors to your site. Whether you film customers and their testimonials or featured speakers, this will aid in marketing efforts, and improve your engagement with the online community.

Experts in your business area can be interviewed for effective videos to be used on sites like Vimeo. Valuable information can be passed along to your visitors, which they may share with others. This type of video also lets people know you are interested in helping them, not just in selling them something, which helps to increase blog traffic.

Video Blogging

This method of using videos adds personality to your site and helps in keeping your clients in the loop with current information. Share interesting things related to your company or blog, like adventures or trade shows. This does not have to be a long video..can be a quick snippet of some thought that you have for the day

How-To Videos

These are effective in generating new traffic to your blog. You can create videos related to your business that will interest your visitors by explaining how to use your product or service to their advantage.

How-to videos on Yahoo! Screen and other video sites will also show up when people search for “how to…” do anything, which will increase blog traffic. People who view your videos will get helpful information, and they will also be learning about you and your brand. This will bolster the reputation of your brand and increase traffic to your blog.

Video Tips

There are helpful tips to follow if you want viewers to watch your videos on sites like YouTube or MetaCafe, and follow them to your blog.

  • Create short videos. The attention span of your potential visitors may not be long.
  • Use descriptive, short titles for your videos. Make sure that the description improves SEO by being accurate.
  • Create only high-quality videos. This doesn’t mean that you have to use HD cameras or professional software, but your UStream and YouTube videos must be well lit, with good picture and sound quality, to increase blog traffic.
  • Keep your videos current and add new ones periodically. This will generate a stronger base of blog visitors.

Spotlight Your Team in Videos

You might also opt to conduct interviews on video with employees or people who work on your blog. Ask them about the way the blog originated, and how far it has come. This shows that your company has its own unique personality, and builds a relationship with people who may visit your blog.

Viewers of Break and other video sites will gain valuable insight into the way you work, and they will be more likely to perceive you as an expert in your field. In this way, people will learn the workings of your company, and they will be more likely to visit your blog, and to trust you and your company.

Choose some team members from your company or blog and put them in front of the camera. Have them explain what they do and why they are devoted to their work. Touch on important talking points and personalize your people, to increase blog traffic.

Use a Call to Action by including material your team has developed that is helpful to customers or blog visitors. Elaborate on the ways in which their work benefits your products or services.

Including team members in your YouTube or Twitch videos will personalize your brand, creating ways in which to highlight your company’s benefits and features through multiple voices and perspectives.


Spotlight Your Products or Services

It’s understandable if you don’t want to talk about yourself a lot, but you should showcase what it is that you do well. Use your services and products as tools in your DailyMotion videos and those on other sites, and explain how to use them to solve potential problems your customers may have. This brings them value, which will increase blog traffic, and shows how all of your company assets create positive experiences for your customers.


Use Your Business’ Customers in Videos

Your happy customers are your company’s largest asset. Prospective customers will appreciate hearing from people who already use your product or service and are pleased with it.

Choose customers from different industries, different positions and different sized client companies. This will allow your prospects on video sites like Hulu to see how versatile your products or services are, across many company and customer types. Each customer you speak with should highlight how your product or solution helped their size of company, their industry and their job, in order to increase blog traffic.

GoPro do a great job of this, even sourcing their customers videos to add to their account

Have your customers describe the ways in which they use your products or services for their company. Show how your blog provides support for them. Showcase the interaction that these customers share with your team, and mention it if they follow your company via social media platforms, and why this is helpful to them.

There are many ways in which you can make a successful and useful video. Your goal is figuring out what methods work best for your unique business. You will be attempting to draw visitors to your blog, as they view your videos.

Use the Video Description Box Effectively

In each video description, you should include your blog URL, a keyword phrase and a brief description of the video contents. This will help to optimize each video to increase blog traffic.

using a description for your videos to increase blog traffic

Google and Video Indexing

Google indexes your video, by determining what it is about and what you are saying to potential viewers. Uploading a transcript of your videos will help capitalize on this, and draw more traffic.

A Thumbnail for Your Business or Blog

It may not seem like much, but as people scan results in video site search results, a thumbnail and text can capitalize on viewers’ interest and increase blog traffic by encouraging people to select your video over those done by your competitors.

Be Sure to Include the Subscribe Annotation and External Links

Channels that have regular posts and more subscribers are attractive to YouTube, LiveLeak and other video sites. You will increase traffic to your blog if you have more subscribers. Add a spot in your videos that asks viewers to become your subscribers.

Video sites are a true way to increase blog traffic. If you use videos properly, you may see many viewers become targeted blog traffic. Add a link to your videos. Add an annotation that can be clicked on, in your Call to Action. This makes it very easy for people to hop to your blog from your videos.


Business and blog owners are always using video in new and innovative ways to engage with their audience and increase blog traffic.

Using Video for Twitter Replies

When someone asks you a question on Twitter, you probably reply to them in a timely manner, perhaps with a link to the page that will most effectively answer their question. This is effective, but it’s certainly not original or memory-making.

You need to go above this if you want to connect fully with your target audience. Although Twitter is text-based, you can also reply to an inquiry with a video response. If someone asks you about your product or service, you can increase blog traffic when you create a short video that answers the question in a creative and innovative way.


In this example, Gary Vaynerchuk ( @garyvee) shows how to do it. Watch from 10:15

Using visual imagery rather than simple text will captivate your audience and it takes very little money or time.

Use Targeted Testimonials

Understanding the power of video and harnessing it allows you to create multiple testimonials that target different markets you would like to draw to your blog. When you create landing pages that are industry-specific, and include customer testimonials, you will boost visitors to your blog.

Use Whiteboard Animation

If you have a longer video content piece that you’d like to share, you can capture attention with a whiteboard animation. Everything in these videos goes at a pace which people naturally find engaging, which means the videos increase blog traffic. This is helpful in allowing you to create longer video pieces without losing the audience.

Why Videos?

With YouTube and other video sharing sites, you can reach so many more people than you can by using your blog alone. This is because video gets the attention of potential traffic. People pay more attention to audio and video than they do to text, as a rule.

People read at their own speed, and when you market through text based methods, you cannot be sure how much time customers will spend on your blog. Videos control the time that the information is on the screen, and how quickly it is received by your potential customer. If they follow a video to your blog, this will increase blog traffic and they are already interested in your product or service.

Using Video Downloads

Video marketing increases traffic to your blog in many ways, as we have seen. Many potential blog visitors routinely carry smart phones or mp3 players, which allow them to view videos. They can download Internet videos, watch at their leisure, and share with friends.

This is viral advertising at its basic level and it can be quite helpful to increase blog traffic. Providing entertaining info-podcasts that people can download allows people to share this information with friends, which directs them to your blog. You can also present your blog site information in the video itself.

YouTube Channels

You can easily create a channel on YouTube and other video sharing sites that will be branded for your blog. It only takes several minutes, and then you can upload videos related to your blog to your channel. This is an easy way to promote videos so that your target audience can easily find them.

The key for success in using YouTube and other video sharing sites to increase blog traffic is ensuring that the videos you upload to your channel are relevant to those whom you want for a blog audience. It is essential that the videos are meaningful and useful to those who will head to your blog when they see them.

youtube channel for autopilot your business to increase blog traffic

Blog content and videos work together. You want people to have a reason to go back and forth between your YouTube channel and your blog. Converting people into traffic to your blog requires that the content on your YouTube channel, and other video sharing sites, is consistent with the content on your blog.

Are all these options necessary? Well, only if you want to increase blog traffic by marketing your videos so that they optimize the number of visitors to your blog. Don’t waste time making clever and appealing videos that don’t give viewers an easy way to get right to your blog.

So, by now I hope you know why you should be using Videos on your website?


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