Facebook is testing a Context button

Facebook is testing a Context button - The Social Media Bloke

Facebook is testing a Context button for a new way to give users more context about the actual articles that they’re seeing inside their newsfeed. What they’re doing is in a test stage right this moment. They’re putting a little “i” button towards the top of the actual article so that you can find out a fair bit more information about that article.

Facebook is testing a Context button

In this day and age of fake news and bait-and-switch, the information is pretty vital because you want to make sure that you are actually looking at articles that are relevant and not just a piece of junk from a spammy website.

Now, when you see an article that has the little “i” button attached to it, by tapping on that button it’s going to launch a little pop-up, and it’s going to have additional context about that particular article.

Inside the context pop-up you’re going to find options like a Wikipedia entry for people who have published that article.

Facebook is testing a Context button

You might also find some trending articles or related articles about the same topic. For instance, if there’s a hot topic that’s happening right now and people are sharing information, and you want to make sure that you’re seeing the right information and not a bunch of made up facts like fake news for example, then you can see whether this topic, in actual fact, is related to what you thought it should be or not.

In the pop-up, you could also find that there’s information about how other Facebook users are actually sharing those articles with their friends.

Or you might even find that Facebook is letting you know whether the information is actually available, which may help you to provide context. Below you will see a little video that Facebook has posted,  and find out more information about the new context button.

Is this just a ploy to keep Facebook users on the actual Facebook platform?

Now, often when I go searching through my newsfeed and I see an article, sometimes I just want to know what it’s about, I don’t necessarily want to read the entire article but I just want to see, “What is this particular article about? Why are people sharing it?” This little information button, this little “i” button, I believe may be a little ploy to keep people like me on Facebook.

If I click on the “i”  button, I might find out the context of the article and that might be enough for me to know, I may not need to go and leave Facebook to go to a third party. Or I may even be taken to a instant article inside Facebook where I’m actually still not leaving Facebook itself.

There’s a whole couple of underlying reasons why Facebook may be doing this. I guess Facebook’s new feature is basically designed to provide people some of the tools that they need to make an informed decision about which stories they want to read, which articles they want to follow, and which ones that they want to share, and which ones they can actually trust.

This is a great start, especially for combating the fake news and all that junky stuff that’s out there.

There you go, this is a new initiative for Facebook, let’s see how it goes.

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