Facebook Pages Can Add WhatsApp Buttons


Facebook Pages Can Add WhatsApp Buttons

Facebook Pages and WhatsApp Buttons

Facebook has introduced a new addition to its advertising platform by allowing Facebook Pages and WhatsApp Buttons to be connected. Customers can now connect the what’s APP functionality to their facebook page. The monetization of Whatsapp by Facebook has taken another step. Now advertisers can include a button that is actually connected to an organic post that has been boosted. This enables users to contact them via the new messaging App.

In November, 2016, Facebook introduced click to messenger, which has been very, very popular.  When customers see an advertiser or a company’s Ad on facebook and they click on the messenger button. This lets them connect and communicate with that particular company’s page through instant messages.

Well, now Facebook have taken it a step further by allowing people to connect with WhatsApp as well. The only option for people at this stage is to use the Whatsapp through a boosted organic posts from their facebook business page.

Facebook Pages and WhatsApp Buttons

I am not surprised that this has happened. When Facebook purchased Whatsapp a few years ago for over $19 billion dollars, people were asking questions. Was it worth the investment or not? What Facebook are essentially doing is connecting both of the audiences together so that that communication can stay consistent across both of the businesses.

People are saying that the combining of Facebook Pages and WhatsApp Buttons is going to ease the process of launching communications between people and their brands. This will ultimately eliminate several unnecessary steps.

The Power of Mobile

Maggie Mesa, vice president of mobile business development at programmatic advertising ad exchange OpenX told Adweek recently “The power of mobile lies in its ability to drive deeper, more relevant connections between brands and consumers regardless of screen or geography. Facebook’s new click-to-WhatsApp ad units speak to the influence of mobile in engaging audiences and provide a valuable use case for how those audiences can be leveraged across platforms. The new ad format allows advertisers to leverage the robust data set available through Facebook to connect with consumers. In practice, this could turn a passive scroll through a user’s Facebook News Feed into a WhatsApp message exchange between the user and a customer-service representative.”

Currently, Facebook is saying that there are over 1,000,000 facebook pages that already include their Whatsapp numbers in their posts. Clearly, Facebook wants to increase this more. Facebook know that people already use Whatsapp to communicate with small businesses and it’s a very fast, convenient way to stay in touch. So by adding Facebook Pages and WhatsApp Buttons in their Facebook ads, they should see an increase in engagement.

Businesses can actually now make it even easier for people to learn about their products, set up an appointment, or even use their service. It’s not long now before, I think, that Facebook will extend this functionality to the ads manager platform. And soon, all ads will have the ability to add their Whatsapp button.

Facebook Pages and WhatsApp Buttons

How Does It Work?

What if you don’t have Whatsapp? Well, starting this week, businesses that have Whatsapp numbers can actually add send message buttons with the Whatsapp logo to their Facebook ads.Those ads will be delivered to Facebook users who have actually got WhatsApp installed on their phones. So this is going to be a completely mobile play.

People need to add the businesses’ WhatsApp number to their contacts list to initiate the conversation. This will stop them getting spammed by businesses who want to spam people. Once they do so, the messenger app opens up with a default message expressing interest. This can be edited by users before being sent. Advertisers will be able to gauge their results from some analytics that Facebook will measure.

Have you seen Facebook Pages and WhatsApp Buttons being used on facebook yet? I would love to know in the comments below.


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